Monthly Payment Plans!!

Here you can get major savings by signing up for our monthly payment plan!

You simply pay a monthly fee and come to the number of classes each week within that month.  Come to all of them for maximum effect!

Dyslexic/ADD authored fine print (look squirrel)...for like you know, to make things less confusing without using lawyer speak.

1) You will be charged a prorated amount for the remainder of the month in which you sign up, then you will be charged the normal amount the first of each month.

2) Must stay in the program for a minimum of 4 full months.  Most people stay WAAAY longer then that.

3) After 4 months, In order to cancel, I ask for a 30 day notice before we stop charges.  (Example:  If you notify me on June 15th that you are moving in the future and need to stop the plan, you will be charged one more time on July 1st and that will be your last payment which will allow you to come to bootcamp till the end of July.) If you have to leave before then, you can always gift or transfer the rest of your time to someone who hasn't been to my class and wants to try it.)

4) I understand that because of expiration dates, ID Theft, or stolen cards and not because you are a dead beat, cards can be declined.  Therefore our system will attempt to contact you via email to add a new card and then attempt to run the card again.  Please understand that if payments are missed, we will ask you to cover the missed months.

5) Please do not use an expired or replaced card as an excuse to not finish out your 4 months. I do budget and set my expenses like rent and advertising based on your commitments. If you need to have your membership placed on hold for a month or two, I can do that. I am not some big company who is going to come after you for violating this and send this to collections, so I am trusting you.